Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Hunger Games character was cast!

This time it’s Prim, Katniss younger sister!

Willow Shields

Somehow I imagined Prim with bright blond hair and an angel’s face. So Willow doesn’t really fit, but maybe with makeup and everything she’ll be fine.

What do you think?

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  1. I'm never like --- wow perfect person for that character. But after seeing the movie they usually own it, or I guess the movie stinks.

  2. Is she the daughter of Brooke Shields or am I seeing things with those eyebrows? :D I think she's cute. I always pictured Prim to look like my own little sister (in spite of the book description) so Willow doesn't fit for me either but nobody would I guess. lol

  3. YAY! Do you know when the movie is scheduled to be released?

  4. I had imagined Prim being blonde, too. Rue isn't how I imagined, either. But so far I have no complaints about the cast! I just have to remember that movie is a different medium than books and judge it as such. Which sometimes can be difficult to do.