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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview & Giveaway with Nicole Peeler

Good Morning my lovelies!

I have the great honor to introduce you to the fabulous Nicole Peeler, author of the Jane True series!

Her next book,Tracking the Tempest, will be available on July 1st from Orbit and just last month, Nicole announced they purchased three more Jane True books, so there is a total of 6 confirmed book to this series! Isn’t amazing? Alright enough of my babbling, here’s what Nicole shared with me =)


We are now celebrating the release of Tracking the Tempest, second in the Jane True series. Would like to introduce us to this world?

Jane's world is very similar to ours, and it's based on the idea that Jung's theories about archetypes are wrong. Jung proposed that different cultures from all different parts of the world (including cultures that never interacted with each other) share similar mythologies because of archetypes. In my world, the twist is that different cultures share similar mythologies because mythological creatures really do exist, although they're not always the same as we humans know them. Jane is a byproduct of a very traditional myth: that of the selkie maid who mates with a human before returning to the sea. I've always wondered about such children of mythological pairings, and Jane was created from these speculations.

A story about Sealkies is really out-of-the-box, how did you come up with this idea?

I went to Harvard Summer School when I was 16 and I took a class on Celtic Mythology. I was immediately hooked by the selkie mythology. When I started developing my protagonist, I knew I wanted a character who was strong, but strong as a human woman, not a warrior woman. Yet
I also wanted her to be magic. As I was living on the Firth of Forth in Scotland at the time, and quite literally staring at the ocean while I worked, the selkie mythology was a really natural way to go. Seals might be magic, but they're certainly not tough. The problem was that I also don't think selkies would be all that exciting, what with all their basking . . . so the next leap was to those half-human, half-selkie children I'd always dreamed about.

Do you have a special process to name your characters? Would you like to share with us?

I usually go one of two directions. For my supernatural creatures, especially, I try to use names that originate from the land of their mythology, and/or names that represent their character. That gives me some very exotic names, but I try to balance that with giving some supes and most of my humans the sort of names people actually have, like Jane. Most of my names actually have a very complicated logic behind them . . . and by complicated logic I mean "it made sense at the time." ;-)

If you have to describe Jane and Ryu in one word each, what would it be?

Jane: Loyal
Ryu: Ambitious

I'd like to learn more about you =)
What's you biggest ambition?

I want finally to find a place to put down some roots. Don't get me wrong, I want to supplement my roots with constant rockstar travel. But I want some roots. I'm so tired of moving all the time, even
though I love my life and I know that all those travels have helped me become what I am. So buying something and making it my own is my next big ambition.

Your biggest fear?

That I'll wake up one day and all of my current success will have disappeared. I'm still adjusting to the idea of being a writer and a professor; my life has changed so much in the past two years. I still
pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Your craziest dream (actual dream, as in while sleeping *winks*) ?

When I was in high school, probably around tenth grade, I watched this interview of Fabio in which he claimed that he thought Bette Midler and Whoopi Goldberg were his dream women, because he loved women with a sense of humor. I joked with my friend that Fabio was be all up on my biz-nass if we met, and then I had a series of reoccurring dreams in which Fabio would pop up, out of nowhere, during the course of a "normal" dream, declaring his love for me and asking me to run away with him. To which I would always respond, quite irritatedly, "Fabio, dude, how many times do I have to say it? Mama. Doesn't. Like. Long. Hair." And then he'd burst into tears and run off. I'll still have the Fabio dreams occasionally, especially if I talk about the dreams.

LOL Ok, now that’s one crazy dream!

If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life,what would it be?

Right now it's be Mumford and Sons "Winter Winds." I go NUTS for that song.

Any plans for the summer?

Oh dear god . . . where to begin? I'm leaving end of May for Chicago, where my family is. Then I fly from Chicago to London to do some stuff with Orbit UK and visit friends. Then I'm going to Maine with my mom, my former English teacher, and my friend Loren for a cross-generational girls gone wild vacay. Then I'm flying out to Pittsburgh, to look for a place to live and take part in a residency program for my new job at Seton Hill. Then I have to move in July, but I'm also going to RomCon in Denver in the middle of July. And at the end of July till the beginning of August, I'm going out to Seattle to hang with Team Seattle and attend a wedding. So to say my summer is busy is an understatement. But that's how I roll. ;-)

Oh, and I also am launching Jane True Book 2: Tracking the Tempest,
July 1st. YAY!

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I totally appreciate you taking the time to talk to me! You rock! Come visit me, y'all, at nicolepeeler.com!

Thank you very much Nicole for making some room for us in your busy schedule, it’s greatly appreciated!

Feel free to show Nicole some love by leaving a comment!


Orbit generously offered a copy of TEMPEST RISING (Jane True #1) to one lucky reader!

This is your chance to get started on this great series =)

Click here to read my review.

Simple rules:

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Ends July 4th


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