Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holy Batman Winter!!!

When I woke up this morning my reaction was…. OMFG!

Look at what was waiting for me on the other of the window

And there wasn’t a hint of snow when I went to bed at 1:30 AM…

And it’s not over yet…

Oh well I guess winter is really here *sad panda*

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4 People left their mark' :

  1. This is what I've been seeing looking outside the window for the past week! And what it will look like well into March...


    I was so happy to see that when I got up.;)

    Christmas decorations are almost all up and I've been listening to Christmas tunes all day. I'm pathetic like that!

  3. Haha, the title of your post made me chortle. I like the snow, but I really hope we don't get hit by any storms over here in Pennsylvania because I hate commuting to school/work in snowy conditions (and it takes a lot for my university to actually cancel classes & clinicals).

  4. Lucky you. I want some of that snow here in PA. We had some flurries this morning and i just had to take Izzy for a walk in them. ^^