Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful Monday

It’s been like forever since I last did a Beautiful Monday post, but I felt like it this morning ^^

Theme would be “Best things comes in small jars” or something like that hehe. I hope you enjoy!

My Sweet Poison II.                              My wishing bottle by                                                                       by

andokadesbois                        neon-lilith

Magical little World... bylittl3fairy

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  1. I love the first image, it recalls a secret and the jar and the key are the key. sorry I repeat myself!!

  2. Oh, they are all so tiny and cute! Thanks for this Tynga :). I needed a dose of magic for today. I'm especially loving the wishing bottle. I ought to get one of those for myself...

  3. I love it. Reminds me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland :)

  4. I love my Sweet Poison 2. It's so beautiful and inspirational.