Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Virtual Tour of my Bookshelves

Well it’s been 8 months since my last bookshelves tour and since I went from two shelves to three… I thought it was time to film a new one. So here are my scary (because of the sheer number of to-be-read books), yet amazing (do I really need to explain?) bookshelves!

Yes, you can leave a comment to let me know how crazy I am *grins*

Tynga is a 28 years old mom from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and blogging about them. You might also catch her watching an hockey game. Make sure to say hi on twitter!

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  1. *SQUEE!* You've got soo many awesome books!!! I will be needing a third bookshelf as well!!! LOL (I don't think my parents will like that too much LOL!) You must have 400+ books! SOO awesome! I would be in book heaven!!!! Enjoy!!! :D

  2. I can't wait until I have a house one day so I can buy more bookshelves! I have 3 large and 1 small right now but I don't think I have room for more in my apartment!!!

    PS: I love the shelves with the doors!! I want!!

  3. i love how your books look new and well taken care of :) and u have my fave series Morganville Vampires :D I want my own library one day with all the books I've read and liked :)

  4. Lol I think my TBR pile is just as big as yours is. I have over 300 books to read. I really like the shelf with the frosted glass doors very pretty.

    Thanks for showing off your shelves. :)

  5. ok that was bookgasm! ;)
    My tbr is about that amount too, but I'm sure you read a lot faster than me.